Petite Pinch Valve – Type QC 


The Series QC features quick connect clamp fittings, which allow for rapid removal of the valve for maintenance. This valve is widely used as a food grade valve due to its easy removal for frequent inspection and cleaning.

The body of the Series QC Petite Pinch Valve typically consists of stainless steel and aluminum, with highly polished finishes. The end connections are normally supplied as Triclamp fittings.


SizeID (in)F/F (in)Max. Working Pressure (psi)AC (in)AF (in)
31/25 1/2602 1/22 1/8
43/46 1/2602 3/42 1/4
5176032 1/2
71 1/28504 1/23 3/4
9312256 1/45
10414258 1/27
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