1/4 Turn High-Flow Pinch Valve – Series 4400

The Series 4400 High-Flow Capacity Pinch Valve is ideally suited for hard-to-handle fluids, especially slurries. Solids in the flow make the operation of other types of valves – such as ball, plug and butterfly valves – problematic.

The Series 4400 handles tough fluids easily with its full port design. Series 4400 Pinch Valves provide excellent flow control compared to other valves due to their simple yet effective design. In addition, the sleeve is the only part of the valve exposed to the line process, eliminating maintenance and/or corrosion of the more expensive mechanical components.

The heart of the Series 4400 Pinch Valve is a durable rubber diaphragm spool, available in a wide variety of elastomers – including Teflon lined – suitable for any application.


ID (in)A (in)B (in)C (in)D (in)E (in)F (in)G (in)H (in)I (in)J (in)K (Bolt)Weight (lb)
1 1/26.5551.612.
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