The mining industry offers diverse and unique challenges. A variety of different types of chemicals and treatments are used during the mining process, from naturally occurring acids that are brought up with ore, to chemicals introduced during processing. To reduce wear and tear, improve safety and ensure reliability, the valves used to control these chemicals and tailings must be able to withstand and work with the chemicals involved. This can be difficult in many processes because the exact nature and degree of concentration of chemicals is often unknown.

EVR offers reliable, low maintenance designed valves that are perfectly suited for tough slurries, abrasives and corrosive chemical applications. These handwheel operated valves are designed for typically on/off applications but can provide excellent control characteristics and can also be used as a manual throttling control valve.

EVR Valves are able to provide optimum reliability because the process is completely isolated from the valve body by a full face-to face rubber pinch valve sleeve with integral flanges. This long lasting, flexible rubber sleeve, available in a wide variety of elastomers is suitable for any application. For both the Series 1000 and 2000 style, the sleeve is the only wetted part of the valve, eliminating the need for expensive metal alloys. The rubber sleeves are available in a full port style, allowing maximum flow with no obstructions. They are also available in reduced port, funnel port or double wall to accommodate any customer requirements.

How Pinch Valves are Used in the Mining Industry

In the Mining Industry, pinch valves are installed wherever chemicals/mine water needs to be controlled or shut off in pipelines. This includes mined raw materials such as minerals, ores and coal, as well as the waste material that is extracted during the mining process or underground construction. Pinch valves are successfully used for the removal of the mine water (also called shaft water, dilution waters or sump water in brown coal mining). The composition and degree of abrasives can vary greatly depending on the mine. Only very durable and abrasion-resistant pinch valves are suitable for use in the mining industry.

Slurry Applications

In slurry applications, rubber is tougher and more durable than metal. In the wide-open position, there is virtually no wear and tear on EVR Pinch Valve Sleeves. Unlike conventional ball, plug or butterfly valves, that created a deflection that caused wear, the flow pattern of an EVR Pinch Valve is controlled, even when throttled.

Mine Tailings

EVR Products offers solutions for every valve application challenge for mine tailing disposal. EVR’s Series 1000 and 2000 Pinch Valves are a preferred choice in the mining industry for isolation valves in mine tailing systems. When open, EVR’s Pinch Valves have no restrictions in the line to impede flow and when closed can provide bubble-tight closure. Since the operating mechanism is separated from the flow, EVR manual pinch valves can be left in the open or closed position for years without causing damage as the operating torques remain constant. Customizable and durable, EVR products provide solutions to control the toughest flow control applications.

Other Commonly Used Products in the Mining Industry:

For Slurry Applications, leaching, piping processes, mine tailings, process and vibration control and ducting expansion, other commonly used products in the mining industry are: Check valves, pressure sensors, expansion joints, rubber connectors, flue duct joints.

Benefits & Features of EVR Valves:

  • Decades of usage in the mining sector
  • Safety of our valves is always a priority
  • Reliable performance for demanding environments
  • Expert technical support and service in over 40 countries

Featured EVR Products for the Mining Industry

Series 1000 Manual Pinch Valve

• Centerline closure for streamline flow
• Tight shut-off even on trapped solids
• Built-in over-pinch protection
• Positive opening tabs standard on all sleeves
• The valve will not become locked or jammed even when dealing with solids in the flow
• Valve position easily visible
• Face-to-face values equal to industry standards

series 1000

The Series 1000 Pinch Valve features a simple, proven and cost effective design. Virtually maintenance-free, the sleeve is the valve’s only wetted part, eliminating possible contamination of the process materials.

The 1000 Series Valve has no seats that require grinding, no packing glands or stuffing boxes which require repacking. Both torques and flow rates remain constant during valve operation. The valve will not become locked or jammed even when dealing with solids in the flow.

The body of the 1000 Series valve is available in either carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel and features and open-frame design.

The Series 2000 Enclosed Body Pinch Valve

• Enclosed body
• Streamlined centerline closure
• Tight shut-off even on trapped solids
• Positive opening tabs standard on all sleeves
• Face-to-face values equal to industry standards

The Series 2000 Pinch Valve is an enclosed body, manually operated valve. Its reliable, maintenance-free design is perfectly suited for tough slurries, abrasives, and corrosive chemical applications. The Series 2000 full-port design eliminates any dead spots or crevices, seats or bearings where slurry can hang up and impair operation or even cause complete valve failure.

The enclosed body offers protection against moving pinch bars and in the event of sleeve failure offers additional safety.

The heart of the Series 2000 Pinch Valve is a long lasting, flexible rubber sleeve, available in a wide variety of elastomers suitable for any application. With its excellent control characteristics, the Series 2000 can be used as a manual throttling control valve. Reduced port, funnel port or double wall sleeves are available for these applications.

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