WaStop Backflow Valve 


The WaStop backflow valve consists of two parts, the elastomer sleeve (rubber membrane) and the pipe.

The pipe is made of either plastic or stainless steel. The standard sleeve is made of a specially formulated blend of elastomers which gives it exceptional shape retention and chemical resistance. The sleeve folds up and out of the way with very little pressure. Inversely the sleeve is able to resist several meters of pressure in the opposite direction.

How the Valve Works

  1. Flow into the inlet side of the valve causes a small pressure build-up against the rubber sleeve which in turn causes the sleeve to open just enough to allow the liquid to flow unhindered.
  2. Reverse flow fills the ‘cone’ portion of the elastomeric sleeve, pressing it against the inside walls of the pipe and creating a seal. Neither fluid nor gases can pass back into the inlet side of the pipe.

direction of flow diagram


Product Features

  • Protects against flooding
  • Eliminates reverse flows through piping systems
  • Controls the spread of odour & gases
  • Easy to install, even in existing pipes and chambers
  • No mechanical parts
  • Self-cleaning – minimal maintenance


  • Prevent sewer gas, effluent, sand or seaweed backflow into cellars or storm water drains
  • Protect against overflows in manholes, storm water drains, storm water tanks, sewage works, drainage pipes, culvert systems and ditches
  • Water tower overflow pipes to protect against the entrance of animals and insects


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